What Are The Causes Of Tooth Decay?

When we talk about the organs of a human body, every organ has some significant importance in our body. A small vein is as important as any organ like kidney or heart. We have to be very vigilant in taking care of our body. When we talk about teeth, the health of mouth automatically pops up in our mind. We need to keep our mouth clean all the time with different products that has been widely available in a market.

The most common problem that people encounter related to mouth and teeth is tooth decay. We have seen many people who have dental clinic Mulgrave and crown regardless of their age. It happens due to multiple reasons. Out internal health also plays a vital role in the good health of our teeth.

Here, we are talking about the tooth decay. People belong to all the age group can face this issue. Then we have to head towards dental clinic in order to get a complete and proper treatment so that rest of the tooth can be saved. Click here for dental implants mulgrave.

The Causes:

Following are the main causes that results in tooth decay.

Deficiency of Vitamin D and Calcium:

We know that vitamin D and Calcium has a huge impact on many parts of our body. If we have a low level then we must face the issues of teeth and bones. They directly hit the bones and teeth, make them weak and tooth start to get off. Maintained level of calcium and vit D supports strong bones and teeth.


Plaque is also one of the reasons. It is advisable by the dentist that we have to clean and brush our teeth twice a day. Brushing once is also acceptable. But if we have a habit of not brush teeth on regular basis or we just do it once a week then we feel a thin layer of plaque on our teeth. This plaque has to be removed from teeth as it is not good for teeth health. Later on, it causes bacteria which is harmful for teeth.


We have seen many people who are foodaholic. Especially, they love to eat sweets and deserts. When even a small particle of food left out in the tooth, it invites cavity.

Hole in a Tooth:

A hole in a tooth is common in adults. After eating sweets, if a tiny residual left out in the tooth, it has bacteria after some time. Bacteria eats the tooth and make a whole.

We have to take care of our teeth and mouth as we eat from mouth and our mouth health is indirectly dependent upon the internal organs. So, if you know someone who has been going through dental diseases then contact wheelers hills dental. We have best dentist in our premises.

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