How Is Bowel Incontinence Diagnosed And Treated?

We often say that man has reached the heights of advancement and nobody can beat him in his intelligence but at the same time it is also a well accepted fact that man is weak specie who can die due to the presence of single, invisible virus. However, we cannot neglect the various discoveries of science which have helped us in coping with whole lot of diseases. We got to know about the different organ systems with which human body is made up of by the efforts of scientist and biologists. Human body is composed of various organ systems varying from digestive system to nervous system and from endocrine system to skeletal system. Each of these systems is then further categorized into the number of categories. It is impossible for a single person to specialise in each of the body parts or portions so different doctors specialise in different body parts which become their forte. Various diseases or conditions are related with various body parts. Similarly, bowel incontinence is related to the digestive system of human beings. In this article, we will be discussing about the fact that how bowel incontinence is diagnosed and treated. Visit for further information regarding haemorrhoids in Gold Coast.

Bowel incontinence:

Bowel incontinence is the condition which arises in the digestive system of human beings. It is the disease in which the power of human body to control his faecal movement is lost. The faecal or bowel passes through the anus involuntarily. It does not matter that where you are or what time it is still you won’t be able to control your reflexes. There are various reasons for bowel incontinence which may vary from the vaginal childbirth to the sphincter of nerves around the anal region. It can also be due to other digestive conditions like diarrheal, constipations, etc.

How is bowel incontinence diagnosed and treated?

Bowel incontinence can be diagnosed by the process of colonoscopy. It is the process in which small size of camera is inserted in the colon of the human body (colon is the part of digestive system below the small intestine). The camera or instrument is inserted through the anal region. Various digestive problems are detected thorough this process of bowel incontinence in Gold Coast. Intra-gastric balloon surgery is also carried out by the help of the process of colonoscopy. However, the good news is that the condition of bowel incontinence can be cured or treated. The most common method of treating it is by the use of medication. There are anti-diarrheal drugs as well as other such drugs which are given to cure this condition. 


Bowel incontinence is the digestive condition in which the faecal or bowel passes through the anus and is discharges without the will of a person. It is the involuntarily action that a person cannot control in this condition. Bowel incontinence can be diagnosed and treated by following the medical prescription given by the specialist. “Core specialist group” offers the best service of diagnosing and treating the condition of bowel incontinence.

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