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Beginning around 2006, Berwick Springs Drug store has been focused on giving you, your family, and, surprisingly, your canine relatives with the best consideration and individualized consideration while working with admittance to the best quality meds. The proprietor of Berwick Springs Drug store, who has north of 30 years of consolidated medical services insight, directs a gathering of in excess of 30 qualified drug specialists and lab experts who are similarly energetic about helping medical services experts and their patients in accomplishing the best remedial results. Ballwin North, Pascoe Vale South, and East Melbourne are the three convenient destinations where Berwick Springs Drug store maintains its business. Ballwin North creates protected, excellent prescriptions explicitly for you. For healthcare professionals and their patients, our staff offers a wide variety of neighborhood compounding Melbourne chemist services.

Why Do You Want Berwick Springs Pharmacy To Compound Your Medicines?

Berwick Springs Pharmacy, one of the few compounding pharmacy in Melbourne with a cutting-edge sterile lab, has more than 30 years of experience in the field. We only employ top-notch supplies, and our facilities are constructed in accordance with Australian requirements. You can relax knowing that your medication will be made according to the exact parameters that your doctor (or veterinarian) requested. Preparing custom drugs for patients is the art and science of pharmacy compounding. Individual chemicals are combined to create compounded drugs, which are “built from scratch” to the precise strength and dosage form requested by the patient. With the help of the patient and the physician, the compounding pharmacist can use this technique to tailor a drug to the individual patient’s needs.

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  • Service Guarantee
  • Compounding Services
  • Dosage Forms

Service Guarantee

The compounding of your prescription is something we take very seriously at Berwick Springs Pharmacy. When we compound your prescription, we adhere to strict quality control methods, systems, and checks. Our staff is committed to compounding at the greatest level. Our active substances are from TGA-approved vendors. Our whole crew has received specialized training in compounding, and we only utilize pharmaceutical-grade components from suppliers who can produce certificates of analysis.

Things we combine

We have been compounding at Berwick Springs Pharmacy for more than 50 years. We are experts in:

  • Dermatology Pediatric
  • Management of Pain in Animals Men’s Sports
  • Medicine and Health Dental Hospice Care
  • Therapy with bioidentical hormones.

We have access to training, formulas, and technical assistance because we are members of PCCA (Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia), the largest compounding organization in the world.

Medicine Forms

Our compounding Melbourne team can create customized dosage forms, flavors, and strengths for patients who have particular needs. We can also get rid of any recipients or additives that you might be allergic to.

Among the commonplace portion structures we compound are:

  • Sublingual drops, fluids, and oral containers
  • Creams and gels for transversal use
  • Nasal and otic arrangements; Lozenges; Tablet grinds up; Suppositories; Douches; Rectal Rockets; Skin creams, treatments, gels, powders, and splashes; Oral cements; Mouthwashes; and Flushes.
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